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Hello everyone,

Today is the first day of a new week of FERIE! We did a lot of different things during this last week, a lot of people took part in the activities we proposed and that made us very happy. In the pictures you can see some examples of these workshop as making recycled paper or playing boardgames. We also animated creative workshops where children and adults surprised us by their creativity. For us, volunteers, it is really meaningful to be there and to feel the energy of the people from Sokolowsko, to watch them interact with each other and with us. So, first of all, thank you for this week and we hope to see you as much during the second week of the holidays. 

During this week, I, Juliette, also turned 26. It is a bit sad to be away from your family and friends for this occasion but being in Poland with so many new people made up for the nostalgic feelings. I like this country very much, I like the poeple here and I am happy that I added a new candle to my cake (that we may call life) here. I feel a bit poetic today, sorry! 

See you soon for a new workshop in Pracownia Orange! 

Ben and Juliette

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