6 months in Sokołowsko

Dzień dobry, co słychać ? 

On our side everything it is going smoothly. It has been 6 month now since we arrived in the village, lots of activities became our own little routine.
Last time we uploaded this blog the sun was still high and shining, in the last months the scenery has changed a bit but we have come to love this as much as the last. Finding exciting new possibilities in the winter landscape arround 
Sokołowsko. Much more has happened since the last time, you might remember us writing about Pralnia, in the village. Well thanks to the help of many people, we made progress with the electricity, installed some furniture, cleaned and painted. And voila, the good message, the building is about to be opened to all of you !

We feel like a part of Sokołowsko now, meeting with you on a daily basis, meeting with the children at school and in Pracownia. Being present for old traditions as the christmas dinner, singing christmas carrols in the school, celebtrating new year arround the bonfire. Thank you for sharing these moments with us !
We made a lot of contact here in Sokołowsko, but also all around Poland, enough to give us the opportunity and the desire to come back or to stay here after our mission.We travelled around Lower Silesia and got used to your language even if we can't really communicate efficiently in Polish yet. Even though it is really difficult for us, we still hope to be able to speak with you in your own language at the end of this volunteering.

We know some of you made progress in english so do not hesitate to visit us in pracownia to have some conversation, to share the highlights of your region, of your country. We are still loooking for some travelling advices, places that you really like in Poland and that we, most probably, didn't visit yet.

Juliette and Ben

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