A volunteer knows when to count on other

Hello again!
During the last couple week, we asked as many people as we could to help us and vote on a plateform called Lechstarter. This endless voting wasn't in vain as we managed to take the 3rd place and be granted 50 000 złoty by the compagny.

So what are we going to do with this money? We are currently arranging, renovating, a space in the village. Except for the name, "Pralnia", everything about this place will be renewed. We hope to open during this summer a Fabrication Laboratory in here. A FabLab (in short) is a place open for the community and everyone who want to, where tools are available and where you can learn about different techniques (3D printing, serigraphy, litography or event sewing or wood working).

This new place will bring a new energy to Sokołowsko and enable the community to work together on project that you really care about. The only limit in a Fablab is your imagination!
 In France we would say Y A PLUS QU'A  

See you soon
Juliette and Ben

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